McLaren Plastics Ltd

Secondary Processes

There are a variety of other processes that can be used in the production and post production of a moulding dependent on customers requirements.

  • Threaded or other inserts can be placed in the mould prior to moulding.
  • This can include electronic transponders.
  • Threaded inserts can be inserted post moulding
  • Parts can be assembled after moulding using mechanical fit or adhesive bonding
  • Electrical connections and terminals can be attached to mouldings
  • Parts can be moulded in a combination of two colours or two differing material types
  • We have access to specialist suppliers who can provide printing, laser engraving, vibratory tumbling, plating and specialist decorative finishings.

In addition to the above, which is constantly reviewed and added too, we can offer other services to our customers:-

  • Final assembly of the product
  • Packing in retail packs
  • Packing in specified quantities
  • Delivery to a customer’s customer using customer paperwork
  • Delivery to customers using returnable packaging.
  • Delivery to customers both in the UK and worldwide.