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Plastic Tumblers

Coloured tumblers ideal for bathroom usageWe manufacture clear and coloured tumblers in 7.5fl oz and 10 fl oz capacities. These are moulded in durable food safe polypropylene or polycarbonate - ideal for schools, hotel bathrooms, picnics etc.

There are a wide range of standard colours available or your colours can be matched.





We also manufacture these in unbreakable polycarbonate.


7.5 fl oz 55001
10 fl oz 55002

We have recently been asked by a number of leading breweries in the UK to produce Black 10oz tumblers for sensory testing of new products.    Black 10 oz Tumblers

These are now being made available as a general product, for any business that has a requirement for testing flavour and bouquet of new products.



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