McLaren Plastics Ltd

Pipe Clips

The famous Maclow Clip! Long established favourite of plumbers and pipe installers, can be pre-fixed to walls for long pipe runs. Manufactured from Co-polymer polypropylene, extra wide base to ensure firm support.

Dark grey as standard – from stock. Black or white if required.

Nominal Bore Size Clip NumberOur code   A        B        C        D         E        F
   3/8″   BSPM62010261 17 13 16 33 13 20
   1/2″   BSPM82010361221620401625
   3/4″   BSPM112010461272020451629
   1″        BSPM132010661332824521636
   1.25″   BSPM162010761413223621645
   1.5″   BSPM192010861473723651651
   2″   BSPM232010961594324771662
   2.5″   BSPM272011161715425891868
   3″   BSPM302011061866126106 2178

All dimensions are in mm