McLaren Plastics Ltd

Green Business Award Winners

12 October 2011

McLaren Plastics Limited has won the Green Business Award in the Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2011.  These awards are sponsored by Midlothian Council.

The award was made in recognition of McLaren Plastics Limited’s recycling policies.  The Company recycles the water generated from its air compression system into its closed water cooling system for the manufacturing process.  Containers that are used for some of the raw material that the Company uses are recycled by a local Brownie pack and to a Health Care Company; the Company is looking for other opportunities to find other outlets for these containers (approximate dimensions are 110mm dia by 150mm high, with a screw top).  Hydraulic oil from the machines is put through an ultra fine filter process to allow the oil to be re-used.  The award also recognises the investment in modern production plant which reduces the Company’s carbon footprint.

This is the link to the video for our Award of the Midlothian Green Business Partnership Award in 2011 here; this was posted by the photographer Alan Scott Photography.