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Curtain Pole Rings, Brackets and Finials

Some of our plastic curtain pole rings 45mm fine Pole Ring


Our Curtain Pole Rings are manufactured with an integral moulded eyelet to suit a range of poles between 19mm and 35mm. Moulded in black, white, various wood effects and colours with the option of vacuum metalising in brass or chrome effect.

45mm Fine Pole Ring
This ring has quickly become a popular alternative to metal rings and was designed specifically to suit 19mm black iron curtain poles. Its slightly textured finish eliminates any unwanted shine and blends well to a black metal pole. Other finishes include silver, pewter and gold.

45mm Fine Pole Ring 50021 27.8mm 39.5mm 5000
45mm Pole Ring 50020 28.8mm 45mm 3000
56mm Pole Ring 50022 37.0mm 55mm 2000


MATERIAL: Polypropylene
COLOURS: Black and white from stock. Any other colours made to order.
QUANTITIES: Any quantities supplied, for a price

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